These days I often find myself revisiting my favorite travels form the last few years and, oh boy, Iceland is definitely in the top three! Iceland was the most unique and mind-blowingly beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Mossy lava fields, geothermal areas with bubbling pools of mud and steaming fumaroles, majestic glaciers and so […]

Our unforgettable trip to Iceland | summer 2019

First timers guide to Puerto Vallarta & Sayulita, Mexico


Hey beautiful! As you might’ve known I’ve recently traveled to Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita, Mexico. It was my first time visiting that part of Mexico and I was lucky enough to travel with a friend that not only had been there before but also speaks Spanish and knows some authentic places that I would’ve never […]


As some of you might already know, we’ve recently traveled to Europe and visited Amsterdam & Bruges. I absolutely fell in love with both cities, they have such unique atmospheres! We stayed in Amsterdam for 5 days and it was an absolute blast! This city is full of cute little alleys, canals, stylish people in coats, and, […]

Our fall trip to Amsterdam & Bruges