I'm dedicated to capturing you at your best, creating natural and effortless images for your happiness to shine through. I will guide you through the process and posing. I will find the best lighting and the most flattering angles. I will clean up your getting-ready room and scout the best locations for your first look and portraits. I will fix your hair and check your makeup. I promise to tell the story of your love, devotion, and joy through my photographs beautifully and fully.

My professional promise to you

  I discovered photography at the age of 12, when I got my first little camera. Right then, photography started playing a huge role in my life, and I knew I want to become a professional one day, even though I had little idea of what that means.

  Many things have changed since then, I've traveled the world, received my degree in marketing, got married to my favorite human, and even moved from my home country of Ukraine to the US (well, that's a story for some other time :)! One thing always accompanied me though - my passion for photography! This passion allowed me to meet some absolutely incredible people and capture the most meaningful moments for them! I cannot be more grateful for my childhood dream to become a reality!


I am intensely devoted to seeking meaning, aesthetic and light in everything. And I strongly believe there is nothing quite as beautiful and significant as an honest human connection.

Crafting refined yet holistic visuals of your love & Happiness!

Before we do that though, here are a few things you should know about me.

real friends hold hands

How did I get so lucky as to marry my most favorite human in the world!? He is my everything, the best support group I could've ever asked for, and a BBQ-dad in the making. Trust me; he even got a special apron.


my human

I absolutely adore our Standard Schnauzer Susy. She is 9 years old but is a hyper thing (aka crazy)! She loves chasing squirrels, curling up on the couch with my hubby and me, and would do pretty much anything for food (that we have in common)!



There are many ways to spend an evening, but nothing beats a glass of cool Pinot Grigio (yep, I'm basic like that) and a nicely written crime novel or a show! Well, you can also throw a home-made pizza in the mix, and that would truly be time well spent as I see it!


wine and crime

I'm always brimming with wanderlust. I feel so alive when I get to explore new places, try new foods, and meet new people. My current goal is to make at least one solo trip annually. I believe that is the best way to truly connect with yourself, restore, and relax.



I have a thing for oldies but goodies when it comes to music. One day you'll find me singing along with Boney M., and the next I'll be jamming to OutKast. What can I say, I truly have a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.


so fresh, so clean

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