My name is Tetiana (or just Tanya) and I am originally from Ukraine. I moved to the U.S. following the love of my life — my husband. I did photography back in my country for more than 5 years and I LOVED it so it wasn’t a question for me what I would do here.

I enjoy shooting outside, using natural light. My goal is not just snap pictures of people, but to tell a part of their story with my photos. Natural and lively photos are much more valuable than just a «beautiful pictures». Over the years, you will look at them and the warmest memories will come up in your mind. Isn’t that the mission of photography? Capturing moments? Recording stories?

My main goal is to make people feel relaxed and comfortable on a shoot. I rarely ask my models to stay in certain poses, it doesn’t look natural. What I do is offer guidance, so people still can be themselves not posed and stiff.

A good photographer should not just take photos well, but also be a listener, entertainer, psychologist, friend and much more! That’s who I am trying to be for people I am taking pictures of.

Please take a look at my work and contact me to discuss a photo shoot!