Chris & Janna

This wedding was an absolute dream of mine!✨ The beautiful location, stunning couple, great weather (I mean no rain... almost) and the most important - love, tenderness and respect those to have for each other.

On each wedding I find something special for myself that attracts the greatest amount of my attention, sometimes it's some small detail of clothes, sometimes - floral arrangements, sometimes - hair or makeup. But at this wedding, it was difficult for me to choose just one favorite thing. Why? Because it was a lot of beauty that day! Every detail was carefully chosen, was spent much time and effort to ensure that everything looked harmonious and complete. Janna wanted to create a vintage and elegant look with a touch of Anthropology style. She spent a lot of time going from one antique store to another, looking for the right accessories. She personally created a bouquet for herself, bridesmaids and boutonniere for Chris and his best men. Chris, on his part, was very supportive, as he saw how much she put in it and wanted this day to be perfect for her, like she had always dreamed.

I frankly want these two to live happily ever after. They both have a big hearts and I'm so happy they found each other to share their care and love.

Venues: Hyatt at Olive 8; Volunteer Park, Seattle.

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